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OneSource acquires Valid’s Disaster Recovery Services Business in the USA to expand business continuity services division

Acquisition brings new technologies and customers to OneSource

Buffalo Grove, IL (July 25) OneSource, a leading provider of Statement Printing and Business Continuity Services for the Printing Industry, today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Valid’s Disaster Recovery Business in the USA, a Delaware Corporation headquartered in Lisle, IL.  Valid will continue to operate and increase market share in all of their other lines of business, including:  Data Solutions, Payment Solutions, Mobile Solutions, Identity Solutions, as well as Digital Marketing and Digital Certification.

The acquisition of the Valid’s Disaster Recovery clients expands upon OneSource’s goal of building a truly unique Business Continuity Service Division for the Print and Mail Industry. OneSource currently provides daily, weekly, monthly, and annual printing services to over 40 clients with capacity to print and mail over 20,000,000 statements monthly from multiple facilities.  OneSource technologies include extensive full color printing and intelligent inserting. The acquisition will accelerate OneSource’s ability to offer enhanced functionality to existing and prospective customers.  In addition, the acquisition increases OneSource’s presence in the core printing market, as well as new industry verticals such as telecommunications, home security, healthcare, financial services and utilities.

OneSource and its employee’s process millions of billing statements per month for customers throughout the United States, from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies.   OneSource also provide Business Continuity services for companies with large in-house print operations.

“Through this acquisition, OneSource builds upon the established operational expertise and core competencies of its Statement Processing Centers. OneSource is positioned to service Valid’s clients for years to come,” said Tim Carlson, President of OneSource.
“We are excited to move our Disaster Recovery clients to the OneSource team to ensure these clients have best of breed Business Continuity Services” said Joe Taylor, Vice President, General Counsel at Valid in the USA.

Spring is here and we look forward to participating in this year’s foremost industry trade shows and conferences. Our participation will afford us the opportunity to learn about the hottest topics in customer communications, transactional and commercial print and business continuity by attending sessions, meeting and networking with prospects, customers and industry leaders. If you are attending any of the trade shows or conferences below and would like to meet with OneSource to discuss our services please contact Ron Stott.


DRI 2018 – February 11th – February 14th in Nashville, TN

Disaster Recovery Journal Spring World – March 25th to March 28th in Orlando, FL

MAILCOM – April 9th – April 11th in Philadelphia, PA

Xplor International – April 17th to April 19th in Orlando, FL

National Postal Forum – May 6th to May 9th in San Antonio, TX

IASA 2018 – June 3rd – June 6th in Nashville, TN

Continuity Insights New York 2018 – October 22nd in New York, NY

MAILCOM – September 24th – September 26th in Las Vegas, NV

Disaster Recovery Journal Fall World – September 23rd – September 26th in Phoenix, AZ

Graph Expo / Print 2018 – September 30th to October 2nd in Chicago, IL

2018 Utility Payment Conference – October 22nd – October 25th in Orlando, FL

Association of Contingency Planners

OneSource is pleased to support the Mid-Penn Chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners as meeting sponsor. The ACP is a non-profit professional trade association that provides a forum for the exchange of experiences and information for the professional development of contingency planning leaders through a network of local chapters. Individual Chapters are comprised of business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency management professionals representing a wide range of industries including financial, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing and disaster recovery services for both the private and public sectors.

Graph Expo 2018

OneSource to attend Graph Expo 2018 in Chicago, IL. Graph Expo now PRINT is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition and conference for the graphic communications industry in the America’s.

PCC Mailers Conference and Expo

Ron Stott VP/GM of Business Continuity for OneSource to attend and exhibit at the Greater Portland PCC Mailers Conference and Expo in Portland OR. The event held in the Portland area on August 29th this year provides the latest information on products, services and technology advances in the industry.

Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness Conference

Ron Stott of OneSource to attend the Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness Conference for the South Central PA Task Force in Harrisburg, PA. Few businesses expect to have an emergency, but every year thousands do. Those businesses without a plan face a difficult path to recovery. Some are not able to recover and end up closing their doors. This conference provided an opportunity for organizations of all sizes and emergency preparedness and needs to formulate new plans and enhance existing plans.

OneSource to attend Payment Conference

Tim Carlson, President of OneSource, will be attending the 2018 Utility Payment Conference in Orlando FL. This conference brings together utilities with leading payment processing providers, in a highly collaborative setting.  Please see the link below for further information.

Utility Payment Conference