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Customer Communication Management

OneSource preference management imageThe OneSource Customer Communication Management platform gives you the ability to communicate with your customers in any way they choose.

Our platform allows for time-sensitive and critical communications across all mediums. From high visibility mail, mobile or tablets, SMS texts, and EBPP, we provide our customers with custom solutions that integrate into existing workflows.

Customer Communication Management includes:

  • Delivery based upon required communication preferences
  • Consistency across all devices
  • High volume full color printing and mailing
  • Web presentment of documents in PDF & PNG
  • Digital Web presentment including video
  • Secure email
  • Secure Text/SMS
  • Outbound IVR

Features of OneSource Customer Communication Management include:

  • Real-time, web-based communications management platform
    • Campaign / content management – ability to change, edit and target messages, graphics and videos to customers based on data criteria
    • Piece level job tracking
    • Reporting
  • Data encryption
  • Remote viewing and archival
  • Change management