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Tokenized Payment Processing

OneSource tokenized payment processing imageSimplify & secure your payment processing.

OneSource reduces or eliminates your PCI compliance risk with our Tokenized Payment Processing solution. OneSource exceeds PCI DSS Compliance Requirements with:

  • Point-to-Point Encryption
  • Tokenization

Just why is PCI so important?

  • 89% of organizations that have suffered a payment card breach had not been validated as compliant with the PCI DSS at the time of breach.
  • 50% of data breaches have come from viruses, malware, worms and Trojans.
  • $5 million dollars = the average total organizational cost of a data breach.
  • 45% of companies that suffer a data breach filed for bankruptcy.

Key Benefits of Tokenized Payment Processing:

  • All cardholder data is encrypted and moved offsite to a PCI-compliant storage facility reducing your company’s risk, liability & expense.
  • Tokens, containing no card holder data, allow merchants to bill a card-on-file or to schedule automatic recurring payments improving customer service and cash flow.
  • PCI DSS compliance footprint is dramatically reduced by transferring risk from merchants.
  • Full integration of all credit card and ACH payments received from any platform including:
    • Online
    • Email
    • Mail
    • Text/Mobile